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Marcin Pekalski wrote in 2011-12-08:

I am following you on G+. Your work if wonderful, so keep going and inspiring the people all over the world. Greetings from Poland.

Ron Clifford wrote in 2011-11-09:

Just been poking around getting to know my G+ friends better. Great Site and Top Quality work. You are an inspiration!

BRAJ wrote in 2011-10-20:

I'm really overwhelmed after seeing your photography.It enthralls my mind with joy and excitement.It is like a magic show.I'm simply in love with 'My Romania' and 'nature'. LOVE U.

georgiana wrote in 2011-09-17:

Pozele sunt extraordinar de frumoase , felicitari pentru munca depusa in realizarea acestor fotografii de-a dreptul mirifice.

Theresa Durant wrote in 2011-05-05:

Your portrait work is absolutely beautiful and flawless!

Dana Alexandra wrote in 2011-04-21:

In sfarsit mi-am facut curaj sa iti scriu dupa foarte mult timp. Poate ca auzi aceste lucruri in fiecare zi, dar ai niste poze extraordinare pline de esenta si care transmit f multe. Fara a te menaja in vreun fel, iti spun sincer ca esti cu adevarat o ARTISTA, te felicit si iti urmaresc cu drag operele de arta! Te pup si te stimez!

George Lohan wrote in 2011-04-01:

You have a gift my friend, you can see things were others are blind! Love your work!

catalin wrote in 2011-03-27:

Felicitari pentru munca pe care o depui . Mult succes in continuare.

HB wrote in 2010-12-02:

Nu mai zic nimic!

Claudiu-Marius Pascalina wrote in 2010-09-25:

O urare de bine pentru cea care "vede" altfel lumea. Claudiu. P.S. la fotograf la fotograf...

Bogdan Bujnita wrote in 2010-04-25:

Nu am cuvinte... atat de profunde... FELICITARI!

Olga Moldovan wrote in 2010-04-06:

Very very nice. Poate reuim sa ne intalnim ....mi-ar face mare ,mare palcere sa am niste poze really nice. Best regards

Jeremy wrote in 2010-03-16:

Amazing...that's all I can say...beyond any more words.

renata wrote in 2010-03-14:

Felicitari...imi place mult ceea ce faci...bafta multa pe mai departe si sanatate ca sa ne poti bucura in continuare..

Laura Muresan wrote in 2010-02-25:

Felicitari pentru ceea ce faci . Complimentele mele pentru tot . Sunt prietena cu Lupan , si sper ca ti-a zis ca vream si noi o sedinta . :D

Guiri Reyes wrote in 2010-02-09:

Super beautiful work LadyLara :)

Bill Gates wrote in 2010-01-20:

Your photographs are wonderful, such vibrant color. I especially liked your images of Italy, especially Venice.

catalina wrote in 2009-11-18:

Superbe fotografii!felicitari!

Marian Sterea wrote in 2009-11-14:


monica wrote in 2009-10-26:

Super poze,super site....ARTA cu adevarat! P.S.Super faine pozele!Cristian e mai mult decat incantat(la fel si eu).Multumim!

Aidan wrote in 2009-09-07:

Very Impressive Laura. Really nice photography. Keep up the wonderful work. Success. Aidan PS. Why dont you provide more contact details so as people could commission you, that is if you are interested.

Mircea wrote in 2009-07-17:

Apreciez tare mult tot ce faci, multumesc.

ioanna wrote in 2009-06-17:

Laura, am vazt ceea ce creezi, foarte frumos. Sunt sora lui \"Gutuie\". Remarcabile poze au iesit de la piesele lor. Adevarata arta ceea ce faci! Felicitari si la mai mare !

Paul wrote in 2009-06-16:

Buna! Imi place extrem de mult site-ul. Fotografiile le stiu de pe flickr. Salutari, Paul (pgpdesign)

Ioana M. wrote in 2009-05-17:

Ai niste poze superbe. Keep it up :D

popa dana wrote in 2009-05-15:

Am aflat de tine intamplator de pe hi5, si tot de pe hi5 am aflat si link-ul site ului tau. Vreau doar sa ti spun ca ai niste lucrari superbe , absolut superbe!!!

Manescu Mihai wrote in 2009-04-16:

The motto is simply brilliant.. and TRUE..

Alinaki wrote in 2009-04-15:

I just love it!!! I already knew some of your photos and drawings...but they are all beautiful and surprising...or, surprisingly beautiful!

Marius Manastireanu wrote in 2009-04-09:

Foarte tare site'ul... cat despre fotografii n-am cuvinte... sti deja ceea ce cred!:D Bafta in continuare Laura! Marius M.

simone graef wrote in 2009-04-09:

ladyLara ... especially love your zodiac signs; do you have more of this to show, are they watercolor? xo simone

Layne Russell wrote in 2009-04-07:

You have extraordinary talent and highly developed skill. You are such an inspiration to me. Wishing you all good things in every aspect of your life. Thank you for sharing such beauty in our world.

Dan65 wrote in 2009-04-07:

Laura, Your website is a triumph! I could surf here for hours, wallowing in the glory of your fabulous work. My warmest congratulations. Dan

Stavros Markopoulos wrote in 2009-04-06:

You are a wonderful artist Laura! Keep creating :-)

Asese wrote in 2009-04-06:

Fabulos noul site! Felicitari si multa bafta in continuare.

Gina Buliga wrote in 2009-04-06:

Hei reusit! este foarte simplu si foarte reusit! Felicitari! Este minunat ce ai scris despre tine! :)))

Maria wrote in 2009-04-05:

...soulful and multifaceted offerings! wishing you the best Laura, Lara, Lady Lara ;)

Alvin P wrote in 2009-04-04:

So many talents, graces and personality... always a pleasure to see your work in all the mediums. This is a refereshing glimpse to the beauty and richness in your perception of the surroundings... may the world reflect back to you the beauty you present to us! Good fortunes to all your endeavours!

Ron Linder wrote in 2009-04-04:

Congratulations on your new site - it is so elegant and fun to navigate through. Your talent is exceptional and an inspiration for all photographers. Best of luck with it, you deserve it!!!!!! Ron

Nicky wrote in 2009-04-03:

You are the best!!!!

Psaico wrote in 2009-04-03:

Love you and your talent :*

SilviaON wrote in 2009-04-03:

I love your work laura. I'm so glad that you share it. Best wishes and a big hug silvia

Creizi wrote in 2009-04-03:

Excelent work, great spirit and very interesting person. Good luck with your work and dreams, Laura! Per aspera ad astra! ;) Razvan-Alexandru

HBierau wrote in 2009-01-13:

"Laura has so many talents, both as model as well as photographer that makes visiting her photostream always worth a visit. I very much like her variety of subjects, and her skill how these moments are captured. Always a pleasure to come back and discover what is new ;-)"

integriti of light wrote in 2009-01-13:

"LadyLara creates works of stunning beauty through a photographic vision that realizes the range of light and the drama it creates. But that says nothing of her compositional style, in which she shows us sides of herself, of others, and of scenes that are larger than life despite the reality of her talent, her art, and her, as a person. She brings true artistic expression to photography, and I feel priveleged to be able to view her work, comment on it, and look forward to more incredible art in the future."

Rade wrote in 2009-01-13:

"here's an artist of a blessed soul, one big heart and eyes wide open. curiosity is her name, one can tell looking at her art. as goethe said: 'it is better to learn than to know, but seeing is best of all'. laura sees it but does not hesitate to experiment and learn."

Chris W Hart wrote in 2009-01-13:

"A marvelously talented human being, Laura shows that no matter which medium she works in, she brings a sort of perfection of the artists soul, a completion of the creative circle, whole, raw, real, beautiful and full of heartfelt emotion. She was meant to create."

wildphotons wrote in 2009-01-13:

"ladyLara is a tremendously gifted artist. Her portraits capture the soul of whom she shoots and her drawings just knock you off your feet."

I.Anton wrote in 2009-01-13:

"Laura is an artist in every sense of the word. She is sensitive, imaginative, creative, multi-skilled. She photographs and draws equally well (which I presume are just two of the many many things she can do..!!). She sees beauty in simple, everyday things, she adds colour and life where there is only dullness and grey. She is also a very warm, kind-hearted person, and her considerate observations and comments never fail to put a big smile on my face! I am very happy to have her as my friend and I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world!"

Boby wrote in 2009-01-13:

"I was thinking for some time to write a few words about Laura, but as I am not good at writing, I put it of until a later time. Recently I had the oportunity to meet her, she's a very nice and kind person. A multi-talented girl, she can draw very good and also take photos. I've never seen someone who can get everything out of the camera, use it at it's full power. She has photos taken by a phone- or soapcamera better then others with professional tools. Not many people have that special "something" that they can show in everything they do, Laura definitely has it. The drawings so full of passion, and the photos unique and colorfull."

Nane wrote in 2009-01-13:

"I would call her FairyLara, because every photo she takes it's magic. Lara's photos are just wonderful , filled with love and the beauty of the author. A richness of colors , beauty and magic that delight the eye."

Silvia wrote in 2009-01-13:

"just love all the things she shares. she is a wonderful, talented and warm person. so glad to have her as a friend. send her a big kiss and hug and wish her love, luck, peace and happiness ..."

Stranju wrote in 2009-01-13:

"Colours, creativity and so beautiful photos : this is Lady Lara!"

Salvatore V wrote in 2009-01-13:

"It is amazing the beautiful work she does. Her colors and composition is outstanding. Her artwork is pure beauty. I must say that I can tell she is a wonderful person and is very dedicated to her work. We are all very fortunate to be able to view such work."

Jon Contino wrote in 2009-01-10:

"So talented. All of your work is incredible." Outbreak

Andrei Contiu wrote in 2009-01-10:

"...her drawings are magically alive due to her enchanted hand and eyes..." Pepitoid

Kristen Peterson wrote in 2009-01-10:

"I feel so blessed to have stumbled across ladyLara's truly unique and exquisite art! Her portraits of famous faces are something special.....she is able to capture the spirit and soul of the person she is drawing. Not only is she talented artistically but she has a heart of gold.....this is the kind of individual that will go beyond her own hopes and desires....the kind of person that deserves all the blessings she gets. Collaging-Kristen

The GC Four wrote in 2009-01-10:

"wonderful art!!"