Dec 10 2012

Rebel Rose

Andreea came from Bucharest to Cluj because she wanted a photo-session with me and a new tattoo with (my own and favorite tattoo artist) Marius Iacoban from BasTattoo.
Searching for a location I found this incredible abandoned building, full of graffiti and interesting windows which turned out to be perfect for the photo shoot we planned.


Rebel Rosse Session

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Andreea Bianca
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Light: natural/reflector
Location: Cluj, Transylvania

Nov 26 2012

Starnire, Iscare, Incepere

@Laura Balc 2012

Client/Model: Oana Ianuli
Make-up: Laura Mihalcean
Hair: Mihaela Janina
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural

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Oct 8 2012

Testing Celia

Testing Celia

Model: Celia Carina
Make-up: Laura Mihalcean
Outfits/Accessories: La Perla, Laura Balc’s wardrobe, handmade by Laura Balc
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Lightning: two softboxes, natural
Location: Atelierul de fotografie Cluj, Transylvania

Sep 13 2012

Picnic Pin-up Girl


We went to a picnic for the 3 years anniversary of Rockabilly Romania!
Happy B-Day Rockabilly Romania and good luck!!

Rockabilly Picnic Pin-up Girl Session

Model: Anca Cipariu
Make-up: Roxana Fulop
Hair: Mihaela Goia
Photo/Concept/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural
Location: Cluj, Transylvania (my mothers garden)

Tones of thanks to all the women that made this possible.

You can find an interview here:


Jul 28 2012

Q Clinic

Q Clinic session

Model: Delia Batinas
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Location: Lighthouse studio Cluj, Transylvania

Q Clinic is a beauty clinic here in Cluj and they needed  some personalized photos for  roll up’s  and fliers. I was happy to hear that Delia is the clinic image,  I love working with her.


Jun 28 2012

Black Velvet

Black Velvet Session

Model: Mada B
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Styling/Outfits: Laura Balc’s wardrobe
Concept/photo/edit: Laura Balc
Location: Cluj

Oct 15 2010

Pin-up girl

Hello my friends!

Long time no see :)
Well, my beloved autumn is here and a new post from me too!
I present you the Pin-up session with Pamela. It was a very quick but well organized session. Pamela is the perfect model for pin-up’s. We had a great time and we did an awesome job :)) Right?

Pin-up is the idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like and became an instant hit back in the days.
Many pin-ups were photographs of celebrities who were considered sex symbols. One of the most popular early pin-up girls was Betty Grable. Her poster was ubiquitous in the lockers of G.I.’s during World War II.

Pin-up Session
Model: Pamela
Make-up: Pamela
Hair: Aura ~ L&R Salon
Clothing: Seduction
Location: Studioul
Lightning: two 400w Elinchrom softboxes on the right and left side of the model and one 1000w octobox in front of the model.


Dec 22 2009


Here is Cosmina G, a gorgeous young model.
We had so much fun at this photo shoot and for sure you will see more of her around here ;)







Thanks girl :*