Dec 14 2011

Sara Beani, Miss Motor Bike

Hello everyone!

Sara is the first model with who I had a photo session since I’ve moved to Italy. She was selected to participate to Miss Motor Italy and she needed some portrait and some swimsuit photos to send to the agency.  

And she did won  Miss Motors Bike!

I will post just the portraits :)

Book session

Model: Sara Beani
Make-up: Laura Balc
Creative & styling: Laura Balc
Location: Biella
Lightning: natural

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat. ~ Ronald Reagan


Oct 21 2011

Alassios history

Hello everyone :)

In my summer holiday this year I’ve spent some time in Alassio a small but extremely beautiful sea city from Italy. I immediately fell in love with the old architecture , small streets and most of all… door handlers.  So I decided to definitely capture as much as I posible could form this towns beauty.

Here is my small collection of magical door handlers  :) form Alassion…. and one day they will be a part of a large project that I’ve decided to do.


Aug 22 2011

Ǝ-volve eve-lovE

“Continue to Grow and Evolve.”  Gandhi

Model:  Kristi Kurmaku
Make-up: Kristi and me
Clothing: Kristis wardrobe
Location:  Vercelli, Italy
Lightning: natural and gold reflector

Many thanks to Kristi Kurmaku, Gabriele Di Martino and Adrian Buturca ! >:D < Great team work :)

Enjoy !

Jul 28 2011

…… writing a city

Life is a river
that’s what granddad always use to say
…..a beginning, an end,  a million different ways in between.
I used this metaphor my whole life … it ebbed and flowed following the path of least resistance barreling straight through the impossible, clear as air and black as night. But no matter what direction or how it moved or looked like, the point according to granddad was that the river always moved forward. What kept him running the rabbits until he was old and gray: the mystery of what laid around the bend.
These days that mystery is hard to find. The river is distant the sky clouded with concrete. For many of us life’s great adventure all is beauty, all its connection, sails by unnoticed.
Funny thing is the river is never that far off

Granddad was all about those connections, he had his hands in earth as much as he did machines, maybe that’s why he understad both sides. Sure we till and cut, we reap and sow,  yeay we do great damage, but we are also capable of great good. After all, no matter how smart we think we are, we are just another part of the mystery.

I once read

that life is a act of suicide and its true,

probably we are the only “creature” on the planet that know this.”

Maybe that’s why we are so good at killing, it’s going to die anyway might as well have it for ourselves. So we take, we take some more but in the proces we kill others less tangible identities, things like flow, joy, interaction, purpose, another way thought the world is lost, not by one particular person but by instinct. Survival  the very chaos of life itself.

We spent hours thinking,

designing, questioning, also you can spent a few seconds

lost in one moment.

No time to think, just reaction, focus, all the worry washed away by the rush

“Life Cycles”