Mar 9 2013

A helping Hand for Luca part two

Hello dear friends :) ,

Luca Legian is is 9 years old boy from Cluj, and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor (fourth ventricle). He has been operated in Bucharest, the operation lasted 10 hours, was completed with success but unfortunately the biopsy result says it’s malignant. Luca must take urgent radiotherapy and chemotherapy, CYBER KNIFE therapy is made in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and require some huge costs.

A hand full of kind people decided to make a second charity campaign to raise money for Luca. I, as a photographer, offered my services and my time to take photos of families that wanted to help and have some beautiful photo-memories instead. All the money raised from this campaign were donated to Luca. I had 17 families/peoples and we where 6 photographers with the same amount of peoples to photograph, 15 minute each and around 5 photos delivered in the end.

Thank you all for making  this event happen, helping a young soul to enjoy life again and trusting us to give you wonderful memories in the same time!

Dec 30 2009

La Multi Ani!!

Happy New Year Everyone!