Sep 13 2012

Picnic Pin-up Girl


We went to a picnic for the 3 years anniversary of Rockabilly Romania!
Happy B-Day Rockabilly Romania and good luck!!

Rockabilly Picnic Pin-up Girl Session

Model: Anca Cipariu
Make-up: Roxana Fulop
Hair: Mihaela Goia
Photo/Concept/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural
Location: Cluj, Transylvania (my mothers garden)

Tones of thanks to all the women that made this possible.

You can find an interview here:


Sep 6 2012

Street Fashionista

One of my favorite session from last year! Enjoy!

Street Fashioning session

Model: Ana Maria Pop
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Styling: Ana Maria Pop
Light: natural
Location: Cluj, Transilvania

Aug 29 2012


Malakit by Renata Rakossy

“Malakit” is a collection based on a concept developed for the typical contemporary society: cultural mosaic or cultural diffusion in which we live.
The collection prints are made by screen printing and are constructed from contours of malachite stones. Hence the name “Malakit”. The fact that is written phonetically and can be read in several languages​​, suggests inspiration: specific cultural conglomerate contemporary society. The contours taken from rough stones are multiplied and placed in a composition with a rhythm along the lines of a major traditional print.

MALAKIT SS/2013 session

Models: Daria Blanariu, Liana Coman
Make-up: Renata Rakossy, Laura Balc
Designer/Outfits: Renata Rakossy
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural
Location: Botanical garden, Cluj, Transylvania

Jul 28 2012

Q Clinic

Q Clinic session

Model: Delia Batinas
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Location: Lighthouse studio Cluj, Transylvania

Q Clinic is a beauty clinic here in Cluj and they needed  some personalized photos for  roll up’s  and fliers. I was happy to hear that Delia is the clinic image,  I love working with her.


Jul 27 2012


Eduard George Fita Book

Model: Eduard George Fita
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: Natur

Jul 16 2012

OUTWear Spring Collection

Outwear Session

Models: Valerian, Claudiu, Laura & Cosmin
Clothing & accessorise: Outwear
Location:  studio

Jul 13 2012

Guara II day II

Guara Session II

Model: Delia Batinas
Make-up: Antoaneta Dan
Hair style: Raul Tisa
Clothes: Guara
Shoes: Benvenuti
Assistant: Ewald Bone
Location: City Plaza Hotel

Great team work! Thank you all for making this session posible :)

Jun 28 2012

Black Velvet

Black Velvet Session

Model: Mada B
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Styling/Outfits: Laura Balc’s wardrobe
Concept/photo/edit: Laura Balc
Location: Cluj

Feb 2 2012

Retro Feelings

Retro Feeling Session

Model: Denisa Maier
Hair styling: Paul Mura, Desso Hairsalon
Clothing & Accessories: Outwear Cluj
Optic: Tehno Optimed
Styling: Tina Filip
Creative: Laura Balc
Lights assistent: Ewald Bone
Location: RL luxury apartment

Great team work :) I want to send a Big hat Thank you to all of you that made this session posible. You Rock!

Enjoy !

Jan 13 2012

Romantic smile color

Don’t define your world in black and white. Because there is so much hiding amongst the grays.

Reka Csata session

Models: Reka Csata
Creative: Laura Balc
Light: one beautydish & one softbox