Aug 21 2013


Hello everyone!

Long time no see…. I was planing (still do) to redo my website and stopped posting on the blog, but then I had lot’s of work and decided to postpone it until I had more time available. Until then here is a new post…..I’m way behind with the updates but I will get there… eventually :P

Cosmin Goron is a well knows male model from Transylvania a personal fitness trainer and a good friend of mine.
For some time he told me that he would like a different photo shoot even nude. Everything went pretty fast, the day we decided that we will do the shooting I was looking for inspiration, and I came across an image that inspired me to propose him to dye his hair blond almost white…. He said yes, I was very surprised and pleased he accepted. I had a feeling that he will look very different and very good and I was right :D
We started with some clothes on but quickly we decided that it’s not working and we both agreed to try nude. At first we had minor problems with the lighting and figuring out the poses, but after a while all was “running” smoothly. We had some fun with some prints and in the end we added a shirt ;)

Here he is! Enjoy ;)

©Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Cosmin Goron
Lights: two strobes
Location: Atelierul de fotografie, Cluj, Transylvania

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Mar 9 2013

A helping Hand for Luca part two

Hello dear friends :) ,

Luca Legian is is 9 years old boy from Cluj, and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor (fourth ventricle). He has been operated in Bucharest, the operation lasted 10 hours, was completed with success but unfortunately the biopsy result says it’s malignant. Luca must take urgent radiotherapy and chemotherapy, CYBER KNIFE therapy is made in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and require some huge costs.

A hand full of kind people decided to make a second charity campaign to raise money for Luca. I, as a photographer, offered my services and my time to take photos of families that wanted to help and have some beautiful photo-memories instead. All the money raised from this campaign were donated to Luca. I had 17 families/peoples and we where 6 photographers with the same amount of peoples to photograph, 15 minute each and around 5 photos delivered in the end.

Thank you all for making  this event happen, helping a young soul to enjoy life again and trusting us to give you wonderful memories in the same time!

Jan 6 2013

Infra Red

Roxana came to me saying she wants me to capture her beauty “because we will never be as young and beautiful as we are today” And she is so right :)

Infra Red session

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Client/Model: Roxana Oroian
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Hair Stylist: Mihaela Goia
Light: two strobes
Location: Atelierul de Fotografie, Cluj, Transylvania


Jan 5 2013

Dress-up “Sex and the city” style & Meli Melo

Dress-up “Sex and the city” style & Meli Melo

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Sandra Bendre, Ioana Chisiu, Daria Patrunjel, Madalina Merca
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Hair: Mihaela Goia
Accessories: Meli Melo
Light: natural
Location: Cluj, Transylvania
In colaborare cu: Flash Me

Dec 28 2012

Haunted Roses

A fashion shoot, a 22 people-team: 2 photographers, 7 models, 3 designers, 1 make-up artist + 1 help, 2 hair stylists, 2 video makers,1 flower designer, 1 coordinator, 2 help boys all in one abandoned hotel equals a great day and a different photo-session.


@Laura Balc 2012

Haunted Roses Session

Photo/Edit: Laura Balc
Models: Nikole Halmaghy, Ioana Chisiu, Sandra Bendre , Catalina Oana, Andra Buicu, Silvana Radu
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Hair: Boudoir Studio: Eduard Dabican, Mihaela Goia,
Outfit’s: Astrid Tirlea, Boudoir Designers Boutique: Cherie Marie, Laura Ion
Flowers: KaminoHana
Styling: Gloria Butterfly, Astrid Tarlea
Location: Continental Hotel, Cluj, Transylvania
In collaboration with:


Dec 18 2012

Color love story

I present to you the very lovely couple and dear friends of mine Catalina and Szili

@Laura Balc 2012

C&S session

Models: Catalina, Szilard
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural
Location: Cluj, Transylvania


Dec 10 2012

Rebel Rose

Andreea came from Bucharest to Cluj because she wanted a photo-session with me and a new tattoo with (my own and favorite tattoo artist) Marius Iacoban from BasTattoo.
Searching for a location I found this incredible abandoned building, full of graffiti and interesting windows which turned out to be perfect for the photo shoot we planned.


Rebel Rosse Session

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Andreea Bianca
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Light: natural/reflector
Location: Cluj, Transylvania

Dec 7 2012

Lala Andreica

Senior session with the lovely Lala that was the winner of the contest “The lemon” team put together for the seniors of Cluj. :)

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Lala Andreica
Light: natural & reflector
Location: Cluj, Tranyilvania

Jul 7 2010

S-a anuntat ploaie


S-a anuntat ploaie… dar cu toate astea, eu si Alex am pornit sa vedem Castelul Bannfy de la Bontida.

S u p e r b !!!

Mi-a placut mult aerul, arhitectura si faptul ca e spatios, are o curte mare, primitoare si are si un mic  lac.  M-a bucurat tare faptul ca in prezent se afla in proces de restaurare :) .   Puteti afla mai multe aici, eu va daruiesc cateva imagini si va recomand sa mergeti in vizita :) .  Puteti servi o cafea pe terasa  mica si cocheta si sa visati la lumea nobililor din acele vremuri.


p.s. si incep cu ultima cand chiar venea furtuna :D

…. si subsemnata :D