Jan 6 2013

Infra Red

Roxana came to me saying she wants me to capture her beauty “because we will never be as young and beautiful as we are today” And she is so right :)

Infra Red session

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Client/Model: Roxana Oroian
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Hair Stylist: Mihaela Goia
Light: two strobes
Location: Atelierul de Fotografie, Cluj, Transylvania


Dec 10 2012

Rebel Rose

Andreea came from Bucharest to Cluj because she wanted a photo-session with me and a new tattoo with (my own and favorite tattoo artist) Marius Iacoban from BasTattoo.
Searching for a location I found this incredible abandoned building, full of graffiti and interesting windows which turned out to be perfect for the photo shoot we planned.


Rebel Rosse Session

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Andreea Bianca
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Light: natural/reflector
Location: Cluj, Transylvania

Dec 7 2012

Lala Andreica

Senior session with the lovely Lala that was the winner of the contest “The lemon” team put together for the seniors of Cluj. :)

@Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Lala Andreica
Light: natural & reflector
Location: Cluj, Tranyilvania

Nov 26 2012

Starnire, Iscare, Incepere

@Laura Balc 2012

Client/Model: Oana Ianuli
Make-up: Laura Mihalcean
Hair: Mihaela Janina
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural

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Nov 19 2012

Retrenchment trend. Cartoon

Hello everyone!

Oana Ianuli is an actress that I’ve meet briefly two years ago year when she was still in college. Now she lives in (the awesome) London :) She wanted some picture made by a Romanian photographer, for her blog so she contacted me to tell me that she want’s to commission me for a photo-session…and when she told me she want’s a session in the towns oldest cemetery I immediately said Yes!! I wanted from some time to do a shoot in that cemetery but I needed the perfect model(s) and concept. Oana was happy to hear my ideas for this location/shoot and we ended up with a mix that pleased us both.


Retrenchment trend. Cartoon Session

@Laura Balc 2012

Model: Oana Ianuli
Make-up: Laura Mihalcean
Hair: Tudor Nasaudean
Photo/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: natural
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

Sep 20 2012


A beauty concept that I had in my head for some time. In the end I (finally) found the time to do it and I’m pretty pleased with the result :D but knowing me, I will for sure try it another time just to make it perfect!


White Magic session

Models: Maria Moldovan, Denisa Maier, Alexa
Make-up: Deea Balgaradean
Photo/Concept/Edit: Laura Balc
Light: one softbox
Location: Cluj, Transylvania

Jul 28 2012

Q Clinic

Q Clinic session

Model: Delia Batinas
Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Location: Lighthouse studio Cluj, Transylvania

Q Clinic is a beauty clinic here in Cluj and they needed  some personalized photos for  roll up’s  and fliers. I was happy to hear that Delia is the clinic image,  I love working with her.


Apr 4 2012

Street Fashionista

Hello my friends :)

I was “away” from my new home (IT) to my other home in my beloved Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, again, for two weeks full of photo-sessions and this is the first one I had with gorgeous Ana Maria Pop.

I give you a small preview just to keep your interest awake ;)

ps. here she was on the edge of a balcony on the second floor of an old building in the center of Cluj. She told me she wants danger

Oct 21 2011

Alassios history

Hello everyone :)

In my summer holiday this year I’ve spent some time in Alassio a small but extremely beautiful sea city from Italy. I immediately fell in love with the old architecture , small streets and most of all… door handlers.  So I decided to definitely capture as much as I posible could form this towns beauty.

Here is my small collection of magical door handlers  :) form Alassion…. and one day they will be a part of a large project that I’ve decided to do.


Oct 15 2010

Pin-up girl

Hello my friends!

Long time no see :)
Well, my beloved autumn is here and a new post from me too!
I present you the Pin-up session with Pamela. It was a very quick but well organized session. Pamela is the perfect model for pin-up’s. We had a great time and we did an awesome job :)) Right?

Pin-up is the idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like and became an instant hit back in the days.
Many pin-ups were photographs of celebrities who were considered sex symbols. One of the most popular early pin-up girls was Betty Grable. Her poster was ubiquitous in the lockers of G.I.’s during World War II.

Pin-up Session
Model: Pamela
Make-up: Pamela
Hair: Aura ~ L&R Salon
Clothing: Seduction
Location: Studioul
Lightning: two 400w Elinchrom softboxes on the right and left side of the model and one 1000w octobox in front of the model.