Aug 21 2013


Hello everyone!

Long time no see…. I was planing (still do) to redo my website and stopped posting on the blog, but then I had lot’s of work and decided to postpone it until I had more time available. Until then here is a new post…..I’m way behind with the updates but I will get there… eventually :P

Cosmin Goron is a well knows male model from Transylvania a personal fitness trainer and a good friend of mine.
For some time he told me that he would like a different photo shoot even nude. Everything went pretty fast, the day we decided that we will do the shooting I was looking for inspiration, and I came across an image that inspired me to propose him to dye his hair blond almost white…. He said yes, I was very surprised and pleased he accepted. I had a feeling that he will look very different and very good and I was right :D
We started with some clothes on but quickly we decided that it’s not working and we both agreed to try nude. At first we had minor problems with the lighting and figuring out the poses, but after a while all was “running” smoothly. We had some fun with some prints and in the end we added a shirt ;)

Here he is! Enjoy ;)

©Laura Balc 2012

Photo/Creative/Edit: Laura Balc
Model: Cosmin Goron
Lights: two strobes
Location: Atelierul de fotografie, Cluj, Transylvania

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