EnVogue Couture Session

A super duper foto session put together by me and the two guys from FlashMe.ro, Gloria and Alex.
I’ve told them my concept for this session and they found me the location/make-up/hair/outfits and the rest was pretty easy :)

This session was such a inspiring one. The concept was all mine with no restriction what so ever…. I didn’t need to follow any standards just the one set by me. I wanted the pin-hair hair styles that I’ve made there on the spot and the girls where so great even at the scary thought that in the end we need to take them out and that usually hurts more, but in the ended didn’t hurt (so they’ve told me) We used 87 gold & 473 black hair clips ;) My sister helped me to put them all and after that I’ve let myself go wild with Madalinas make-up the orange/purple one that I wanted to be something eles, matching the hair style. I have to say that I’m pleased with the job I’ve did with the pin/art/styling and Madalinas make-up. Mihaela was so great letting me do whatever I wanted with the hair and make-up even if this year trends are different

EnVogue Couture Session

Models: Ana Maria Pop & Madalina Simona Merca
Make up: Mihaela Goia for Ana Maria Pop & me for Madalina Simona Merca
Hair style: Mihaela Goia & me
Clothes: Atelier Ligia Mocan
Jewellery: Hand made by Laura Balc
Style, concept & procesing: me
Light: natural
Location: EnVogue
In collaboration with: I’ve Been Flashed

Great team work! Thank you all for making this session posible :)

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